Niala’s Annual Hot List–2013

It’s that time of year again, folks! The time when I provide you with glorious photographic proof of the people who I think are bringing sexy back this year. It’s coming a little late this year (was that pun intended? Maybe) but let this keep you warm if you are actually in a part of the world that is cold right now. That is not here. But we can pretend. But first some….

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this totally objectifying people?

A: Yes. And no. No one makes it onto my list with just looks alone…unless they are Godrey Gao. He pretty much made it on looks alone. But he seems like a super nice guy, too.

Q: Those are a lot of white folks.

A: Yeah. That’s kind of my thing. I like a LOT of vanilla. BUT. This year there is almost an equal number of PoC! Look at me expanding my horizons!

Q: So. Basically, this is a list of people you want to do naughty things with? And you think we care?

A: Duh. And DUH.

Now that the silly questions are over, bring on the wo(man)-cake! In no particular order:

Tom Mison: Tom is 31, 6’1, British, gorgeous, adorkable and stars as a man out-of-time Icabod Crane on Fox’s new hit show Sleepy Hollow (aka my new fandom obsession).


Tom Hiddleston: Tom is 32, 6’2, British, gorgeous, adorkable, a good dancer, speaks 4 languages and is just all the things.


Benedict Cumberbatch: Benny is 6’0, 37, British, gorgeous and perfect. In all ways. That is all.


Clark Gregg: …surprised me. He’s 5’9, 51 (!), American and…really adorable and sweet looking and…I don’t know. Indulge me!

clark gregg

Orlando Jones: Not usually my type, but I love this man. He is HILARIOUS AND SUCH A FANGIRL (Yes, fangirl). He’s been in a lot of things, but he’s most recently starring as Captain Irving in Sleepy Hollow (stop whatever you are doing right now and follow him on Twitter and Tumblr!). He is American, 45 and 5’11.


Nicole Beharie: Nicole is American, 28, 5’1 and stars as Detective Abigail (Abbie) Mills on Fox’s new hit Sleep Hollow. She is obviously gorgeous, but I really see her and Tom Mison as a package deal. I LOVE Icabod/Abbie SO much. You don’t even know.

nicole beharie

Karen Gillan: Karen is British, 5’11, 25, gorgeous and awesome. She played one of my favorite companions EVER, Amy Pond, for 2 seasons.


Chris Evans: Another surprise for me. I didn’t expect to fall so hard for Captain America (a Marvel character I was pretty sure I didn’t like)! But now I am so ready to enlist and serve in any way I can *cough*. Chris is American, 32, 6’0 and obviously hot (have you seen his ASS in the Capt America uniform??).


Elizabeth Henstridge: Elizabeth is 26, 5’4 and British. She plays Jemma Simmons on Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. I had never heard of her before SHIELD but I watched the pilot and while I was pretty “shrug” on most of it, I definitely wanted to know who SHE WAS. I admit I’ve been pretty much only watching for her and Clark Gregg.

simmons_elizabeth henstridge

Godfrey Gao: Godgrey is 29, 6’4 and Taiwanese-Canadian. He mostly got in on looks alone. No lie. But. I found out about him because he played one of my favorite characters in the big screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series: The bisexual immortal warlock Magnus Bane! PERFECT CASTING. Look at this man. LOOK. AT. THIS. MAN. Just. I can’t.


Ming-Na Wen: Ming-Na is Chinese-American, 5’4 and 49 (!). She has been in ALL THE THINGS, but she is currently starring as Agent May on Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. I have loved her for so long. So beautiful.


Bonus Tom and Nicole! Why? REASONS. That’s why. Look at how adorable my OTP is!


Okay. Now discuss. 😉