Erm. Hello.

First post. Oh, the anticipation. The pressure. The overwhelming desire for a nap (but you just woke up! NO). Just kidding. It’s not that serious (I am totally serious about the nap, though). Basically, I have a lot of thoughts and musings that I want to put down on paper, so to speak. I think some of these thoughts/musings/rants/squees might be of interest to other people. If so, yay! If not, I’m sorry?

Um. Fair warning: I am a very random person. Some of these posts might be uber serious, like about the intersectionality of -isms and things that make me angry; while others might be about my deep love of glitter, Benedict Cumberbatch and milkshakes. It’s like a black hole–who *knows* what you might find in one! I’m just trying to figure it all out. One day at a time. Want to come along?


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